Dip Dye or Die

by theredhautechilipepper

The changing fashion season, sumptuous runway looks, and eye candy from my favorite online stores have piqued my current obsession with dip dyed clothing. Rather than splurging on this trend, though, I’ve been inspired to DIY the faded look by dipping my own clothes in bleach and various colored dyes. I have already scoured thrift stores for pieces to experiment on, and made a pair of cutoff Levi’s that are perfect for the project. Using the tutorial and expert advice from my favorite blogger at a pair & a spare, all I have to do is get my hands dirty and begin revamping my clothes. Stay tuned for my finished products!




Images:  Park & Cube (#1) ,  Asos (#2) , Zara (#3) , Style Scrapbook (#4), Cheyenne Meets Chanel (#5)

Some inspiration photos, courtesy of a pair and a spare.