Welcome to The Red Haute Chili Pepper, a Do-It-Yourself repository for everything from fashion to food. inspired by beautiful clothing and big flavors, The Red Haute Chili Pepper  recreates on-trend designs and distinctive recipes with simple steps that require minimal skill.

Due to a shaky global economy and the influx of fast fashion, the DIY movement has spread with ease. People want to experiment with designer trends and impress their friends and family with show-stopping dishes, but often prefer the craftsmanship, affordability, and personal touches that go into handmade items. With an eye for style and a cultivated palate, The Red Haute Chili Pepper delivers five-star fashion and food to the public with stylish Do-It-Yourself tutorials.

All it takes is a vision and a plan, so grab your scissors and a whisk and get to DIY-ing!