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Driftwood-Inspired DIY Jewelry Hanger

This summer, I spent almost two months working and living at a surf hotel on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The beach was absolutely breathtaking, and each sunset walk along the shore had me wishing I could preserve a little sliver of the beach break to keep with me forever. Realizing this dream was unrealistic, I collected several pieces of driftwood that had washed up on the sand to more manageably support my nostalgia for Nicaragua. I’ve come up with several projects to incorporate the driftwood into my newly designed beach-themed bedroom, and I’ve provided the steps to create a driftwood jewelry hanger.

driftwood jewelry hanger



After learning how to waterfall braid the other day, I’ve been finding so many unique, cool ways to braid my hair. All this braidspiration from Honestly WTF has me eager to get my hands tangled up in braids.

 (via Vanessa JackmanPhil OhA Beautiful MessFGR and Honestly WTF)

Dip Dye or Die

The changing fashion season, sumptuous runway looks, and eye candy from my favorite online stores have piqued my current obsession with dip dyed clothing. Rather than splurging on this trend, though, I’ve been inspired to DIY the faded look by dipping my own clothes in bleach and various colored dyes. I have already scoured thrift stores for pieces to experiment on, and made a pair of cutoff Levi’s that are perfect for the project. Using the tutorial and expert advice from my favorite blogger at a pair & a spare, all I have to do is get my hands dirty and begin revamping my clothes. Stay tuned for my finished products!




Images:  Park & Cube (#1) ,  Asos (#2) , Zara (#3) , Style Scrapbook (#4), Cheyenne Meets Chanel (#5)

Some inspiration photos, courtesy of a pair and a spare.

DIY Tribal Sneakers

I will admit that I have recently developed an unhealthy obsession with tribal prints. Whether Mara Hoffman or my favorite blogs inspired my fascination for the bright colors and geometric shapes that characterize everything tribal, it has motivated me to create my latest DIY: tribal patterned sneakers. This project is as simple as it gets and requires few materials–you can even use a pair of shoes you already own!

All you’ll need is:

  • a pair of sneakers
  • fabric markers (I recommend using fabric Sharpies)
  • white acrylic paint and a paintbrush (if your shoes are not white)
  • optional: colored string or beads to personalize

1. Paint your shoes white. (If your sneakers are colored)

2. Create your tribal pattern by outlining geometric shapes in black.




















3. Fill in pattern with colorful fabric markers or paint.















4. Personalize by stitching in colorful thread or beads.